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The VCS06-010-BS-01-MXY is a low profile single plane XY positioning stage. It uses H2W voice coil motor NCC06-24-010-XY. Each axis has a 0.62" [15.8 mm] stroke; generate 0.8 lbs [3.6 N] of continuous force and 2.3 lbs [10.2 N] of peak force. The 1.0-micron resolution encoder allows for precise positioning. It comes supplied with a ball slide which allows for smooth motion. The motor coil is the moving part of the assembly in order to reduce the moving mass of the system.

- Single motor achieves XY motion
- Single plane XY motion
- Compact, small footprint, low-profile
- Light moving mass, low system weight

For long stroke, compact size positioning stages please see our Single Rail Positioning Stages.

To determine your motion profile needs, use our linear motion calculator.

Motor P/N n/a
Stroke0.62 in15.8 mm
Encoder Resolution1.0 micron
Bearing TypeBall Slide
Moving Mass16.9 oz471 grams
Total Mass43.5 oz1205 grams
Resistance @ 20C4.7 ohms
Inductance @ 20C1.3 mH
Electrical Time Constant0.25 msec
Motor Constant0.34 lbs/√watt1.5 N/√watt
Force Constant0.75 lbs/amp3.3 N/amp
Back EMF0.08 V/ips3.3 V/m/sec
Force @ 100% Duty0.75 lbs3.3 N
Power @ 100% Duty4.7 watts
Current @ 100% Duty1.0 amps
Force @ 10% Duty2.25 lbs10.0 N
Power @ 10% Duty42.3 watts
Current @ 10% Duty3.0 amps
Moving PartCoil Assembly
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