Sometimes there is a need for a product or technology that is not readily available. H2W has a team of engineers that will work to design, manufacture, and integrate several electro-magnetic technologies to meet your specific motion control needs.

Whether you have a unique geometry or are in need of a creative engineering approach, H2W, with its vast experience in the motion control industry, can develop an unprecedented solution for many applications.

Throughout the years H2W has designed a number of custom motors and actuators, and should you require a motor or actuator that you don’t see in our standard listing, H2W can customize a design specifically to meet or exceed your needs. In addition, H2W has the capability to implement any motor or actuator into a positioning stage (Travel available from a few microns to over 10 feet, and precision down to 50nm).

Additionally, H2W has the expertise to provide the necessary drive electronics, and the capability to integrate the motion control electronics with the motion control stage in one to several axes, and having the ability to mix and match motor and drive types.

From design to implementation, H2W provides the additional value that gets you started using your motion control device.