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Innovation in Linear Motion
H2W Technologies is a leading manufacturer of linear motors and positioning systems for precision motion control. We offer the largest selection of linear motion technology worldwide.
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We specialize in custom solutions, should you not find a standard product that meets your needs.
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Manufacturer of Baldor
Linear Motor Replacements

Manufacturer of NorMag
Linear Motor Replacements

Company News
image of Redundant Coil Voice Coil
Redundant Coil Voice Coil

In the case where an actuator is installed in a location where access is limited or where downtimes may be costly, there is a need for redundancy in a voice coil. A redundant voice coil comes with multiple coils and is designed to operate with equal performance in each of ...

Company News
image of Low Profile XY Voice Coil Positioning Stage
Low Profile XY Voice Coil Positioning Stage

H2W Technologies introduces a high acceleration, voice coil driven, XY positioning stage with a precision bearing system, which minimizes the amount of pitch, yaw, and roll in the system. The voice coil stage ( VCS06-010-BS-01-MXY ) is a closed loop positioning system that can be used for positioning applications. The ...

Company News
image of Unlocking the Linear Motion Specification Query
Unlocking the Linear Motion Specification Query

Every motion control problem begins with a need to move a certain payload over a certain distance. However, there are many types of moves possible, and determining the right motion control solution may require some calculations to match the specifications found on a given motors data sheet.


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