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  • image of Compact Voice Coil Positioning Stage

    Compact Voice Coil Positioning Stage

    H2W Technologies introduces a high acceleration, voice coil driven, positioning stage with a sliding contact bearing system, which allows for high lifetime, high cycle, and a desirable MTBF in the system.

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  • image of Low Power Voice Coil Actuator for Cryogenic Environments

    Low Power Voice Coil Actuator for Cryogenic Environments

    H2W Technologies has developed a high force non-commutated DC linear actuator, otherwise known as a direct drive voice coil actuator, designed specifically for use in cryogenic environments. Material choice and design parameters were implemented such that the motor can operate without degradation or damage when placed in a cryogenic environment.

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  • image of Redundant Coil Voice Coil

    Redundant Coil Voice Coil

    In the case where an actuator is installed in a location where access is limited or where downtimes may be costly, there is a need for redundancy in a voice coil. A redundant voice coil comes with multiple coils and is designed to operate with equal performance in each of ...

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