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Multi-Axis Systems


H2W also creates innovative multi-axis solutions that utilize both direct drive linear motor technology and rotary-to-linear technology. Our unique solutions are versatile and reliable and offer designers problem-solving approaches to their applications. Turnkey solutions are available that allow you to concentrate on your application without the challenges of integrating motors and controls.

Please take a look at some of our multi-axis solutions shown in the examples below:

Four Axis Vacuum Compatible Gantry

Open Framed XY Gantry

XY Extrusion Open Frame Belt Stage Gantry

5 Axis Gantry

XZ Brushless Linear Motor Positioning Stage

Dual Axis Earthquake Simulator Stage

XY Theta High Force Gantry

Belt Driven Positioning H Gantry

XYZ Closed Loop Linear Stepper Voice Coil Positioning Stage

XYZ Linear Motor Stepper Gantry

XY Air Bearing Stage

XYZ-Theta Air Bearing Stage