Single Rail Stages,a linear motor,product,SRS-020-08-013-01-3EX
Single Rail Stages, SRS-020-08-013-01-3EX
The SRS-020-08-013-01-3EX triple motor single rail positioning stage is ideal for applications that require independent multiple motions on a single travel plane. It uses brushless linear motors to generate a continuous/peak force of 13.0 lbs [57.6 N]/52.0 lbs [230 N] with a total stroke length of 20.0 in [508 mm] (each moving table). Each moving table has an independent non-contact 1.0-micron resolution encoder head reading a single encoder scale allowing for precise positioning using any multi-axis motion controller. Each moving table is guided by a rigid recirculating ball linear bearing block sharing a single bearing rail. The entire stage is assembled on a single piece of aluminum extrusion, thus reducing the overall weight of the system. There are also provisions that allow customer cables to be routed within the cable carriers. It has end-of-travel rubber bumper stops. A home positioning sensor, end-of-travel-sensors, and custom mounting holes on the moving tables are available upon request.

- Multiple motors on single magnet track
- Multiple encoder heads reading a single encoder scale
- Single extrusion lengths up to 6.0m long allowing for long strokes
- Custom strokes, forces, and feedback resolution configurations available

Dual Motor Track - SRS-026-06-013-01-2EX
Single Motor Track - SRS-032-05-013-01-EX

For short stroke, compact size positioning stages please see our Voice Coil Positioning Stages.

To determine your motion profile needs, use our linear motion calculator.

Motor P/N n/a
Stroke20.0 in508 mm
Encoder Resolution1.0 micron
Bearing TypeRecirculating Ball
Moving Mass2.8 lbs1.3 kg
Total Mass38.0 lbs17.2 kg
Resistance @ 20C29.2 ohms
Inductance @ 20C5.0 mH
Electrical Time Constant0.17 msec
Motor Constant1.5 lbs/√watt6.6 N/√watt
Force Constant8.1 lbs/amp36.0 N/amp
Back EMF0.75 V/ips29.2 V/m/sec
Force @ 100% Duty13.0 lbs57.6 N
Power @ 100% Duty74.8 watts
Current @ 100% Duty1.6 amps
Force @ 10% Duty52.0 lbs230 N
Power @ 10% Duty1196 watts
Current @ 10% Duty6.4 amps
Stage Length39.4 in1000 mm
Stage Width5.1 in130 mm
Stage Height3.7 in93.5 mm
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