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10 lb Single Axis Linear Stepper Forcer - STS-1220-A4U

10 lb Single Axis Linear Stepper Forcer,a linear motor,product,STS-1220-A4U
10 lb Single Axis Linear Stepper Forcer, STS-1220-A4U
The STS-1220-A4U is a 4-phase single axis linear stepper motor that generates a continuous force of 11.0 lbs [48.8 N]. It is guided by precision roller bearings along the platen. Integral air bearings are used to maintain the required motor air gap. 60 PSI of filtered compressed air should be supplied by the customer. Power is supplied to the motor via a 9-pin D-Sub Male connector. There are mounting holes on the top of forcer to allow for payload mounting.  This is a replacement for Baldor / NorMag (Northern Magnetics) P/N 1304-2-B3.

This forcer is designed to operate on a 1.96" [49.8 mm] wide, 0.47" [11.9 mm] thick bar platen. Platen Model #: STP-20-XXX-A.

To determine your motion profile needs, use our linear motion calculator.

Product Drawing
Bearing TypeAir
Forcer Mass1.0 lbs454 grams
Platen Mass1.0 lbs/in2.0 grams/mm
# of Phases4
Resistance @ 20C2.24 ohms
Inductance @ 20C1.3 mH
Electrical Time Constant1.1 msec
Force11.0 lbs48.8 N
Current2.0 amps
Forcer Length4.5 in114 mm
Forcer Width2.9 in74.2 mm
Forcer Height1.6 in40.9 mm
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