Brushless Linear Motor,a linear motor,product,BLDM-C08
Brushless Linear Motor, BLDM-C08
The 3-phase brushless linear motor coil assembly can be commutated trapezoidally utilizing integrated hall effects, or sinusodially using software commutation in conjunction with the appropriate amplifier, or motion controller and encoder feedback.  Any standard 3-phase brushless servo amplifier can be used to provide power to the coil assembly.  The power to the motor, which is supplied from a brushless servo amplifier via a shielded high flex motor power cable.  If the motor is ordered with a hall effect assembly board then a secondary high flex commutation cable will be included.  Equivalent to Baldor motor LMCF08C NB0358A00.

To determine your motion profile needs, use our linear motion calculator.

Coil Weight1.7 lbs0.75 kg
Coil Length10.1 in256.5 mm
Power @ 10% Duty891 watts
Current @ 10% Duty5.7 amps
Force @ 10% Duty78.0 lbs347 N
Power @ 100% Duty99.0 watts
Current @ 100% Duty1.9 amps
Force @ 100% Duty26.0 lbs116 N
Back EMF1.6 V/ips60.9 V/m/sec
Force Constant13.7 lbs/amp61.1 N/amp
Motor Constant3.0 lbs/√watt
Electrical Time Constant1.0 msec
Inductance @ 20C21.2 mH
Resistance @ 20C21.1 ohms
Electrical Cycle Length2.4 in60.96 mm
Attractive Force0 lbf0 N/ft
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