multi-axis solution that uses direct drive linear motor technology and rotary-to-linear technology

This XZ positioning stage uses H2W air bearing linear stepper motor STS-1220-AP4T (horizontal axis) and voice coil positioning stage VCS05-060-LB-01-MH (vertical Z-axis). The horizontal Air Bearing Linear Stepper motor has a 38.0 in [965 mm] stroke and generates 12.0 lbs [53.1 N] of continuous force. It is guided by precision roller bearings along the platen. Integral air bearings are used to maintain the required motor air gap. The vertical Z-axis motor has a 0.50 in [12.1mm] stroke; generates 6.0 lbs [26.7 N] of continuous force and 118.0 lbs [80.1 N] of peak force. The 1.0-micron resolution encoder allows for precise closed loop positioning. It comes supplied with bearings that allow smooth and rigid motion. The motor coil is the moving part of the assembly in order to reduce the moving mass of the axis.

- Wall mountable
- Two axis of coordinated motion
- Cable carriers to route payload cables

Multi-Axis Stage
Product Details (PDF)
Horizontal Axis (Single Axis Air Bearing Linear Stepper)
Motor P/N STS-1220-AP4T
Stroke 38 in 965 mm
Force 12 lbs 53.1 N
Vertical Z-Axis (Voice Coil Motor Stage)
Motor P/N NCC03-15-050-2X
Stroke 0.25 in 6.4 mm
Encoder Resolution 1 micron
Force @ 100% Duty 5.0 lbs 22.3 N
Force @ 10% Duty 15.0 lbs 66.8 N