multi-axis solution that uses direct drive linear motor technology and rotary-to-linear technology
The SRS-080-10-020-01-3EXRTS is a six axis positioning stage that consists of three rotary motors, with encoders, each mounted to three independently moving linear axis. It is ideal for applications that require independent multiple motions on a single travel plane.

Each linear axis uses a H2W brushless linear motor BLDM-D06 to generate a continuous/peak force of 24.8 lbs [110 N]/74.5 lbs [331 N] with each moving table capable of a total stroke length of 82 in [2083 mm]. Each linear axis has an independent non-contact 1.0-micron resolution encoder head reading a single encoder scale allowing for precise positioning using any multi-axis motion controller. Each moving table is guided by a rigid recirculating ball linear bearing block sharing a single linear bearing rail.

Each rotary axis consists of a standard 34-frame rotary stepper motor with a 40,000 counts/rev resolution encoder. Using a state-of-the-art motion control electronics package provided by H2W, each rotary stepper motor can operate as a 2-phase rotary brushless motor. Each motor can generate a continuous torque of 27.1 oz-in [3.06 N-m]. Each rotary axis is removable, which, in turn, reduces the moving weight of the linear axis to which it was mounted. This allows for larger payloads on each linear axis.

The entire stage is assembled on a single piece of aluminum extrusion, thus reducing the overall weight of the system. It has end-of-travel rubber bumper stops, a home positioning sensor, end-of-travel-sensors, and custom mounting holes are available upon request. There are also provisions that allow customer cables to be routed within the cable carriers.

- Multiple linear motors on single magnet track
- Combined linear and rotary displacement
- Rotary axis is capable of full 360-degree rotation
- Ability to run closed loop rotary stepper motors
- Rotary axis can be easily removed
- Six axis of coordinated motion
- Assembled on a single piece of aluminum extrusion
- Cable carriers to route customer payload cables

Multi-Axis Stage
Product Details (PDF)
Linear Axis (Brushless Linear Motor Stage)
Motor P/N BLDM-D06
Stroke 82 in 2083 mm
Encoder Resolution 1 micron
Force @ 100% Duty 24.8 lbs 110 N
Force @ 10% Duty 74.5 lbs 331 N
Rotary Axis (Stepper Motor with Encoder)
Motor P/N STP-MTR-34066D
Stroke 360°
Encoder Resolution 40,000 counts/rev
Force 27.1 oz-in 3.06 N-m