multi-axis solution that uses direct drive linear motor technology and rotary-to-linear technology
The SRS-002-003--002-003-01-XY is a low profile XY single rail positioning stage that uses brushless linear motors to generate a continuous/peak force of 3.1 lbs [13.8 N]/9.4 lbs [41.8 N] (bottom axis), 3.1 lbs [13.8 N]/9.4 lbs [41.8 N] (top axis), with a total stroke length of 1.8 in [45.7 mm] (bottom axis), 1.8 in [45.7 mm] (top axis). The top axis is able to directly mount to the moving bottom axis motor. This helps reduce the overall height and moving mass of the system. The non-contact 1.0-micron resolution encoder allows for precise positioning. It is guided by a rigid recirculating ball linear bearing. It has end-of-travel bumper stops. A home positioning sensor, end-of-travel-sensors, and custom mounting holes on the moving table are available upon request.

- Compact size
- Low profile
- Two axis motion control

Multi-Axis Stage
Product Details (PDF)
Individual Motor
Motor P/N BLDM-B02
Stroke 1.8 in 45.7 mm
Encoder Resolution 1 micron
Force @ 100% Duty 3.1 lbs 13.8 N
Force @ 10% Duty 9.4 lbs 41.8 N