multi-axis solution that uses direct drive linear motor technology and rotary-to-linear 

The single rail positioning stage H-gantry design is an open frame XY positioning system. It has two bottom parallel axes with one cross axis connecting the two (H-gantry).

Each linear axis uses H2W’s brushless linear motors (BLDM-B04), and each has a total stroke length of 25.67 in [652 mm]; can generate 6.2 lbs [27.8 N] of continuous force and 18.7 lbs [83.3 N] of peak force, or a combined 12.4 lbs [55.6 N] continuous force and 37.4 lbs [166.6 N] of peak force on the bottom axis. The non-contact 1-micron resolution encoders allow for precise positioning. The moving tables are guided by a precision recirculating linear ball bearing system. The linear axes are assembled on a single piece of aluminum extrusion, thus reducing the overall weight of the system. The top cross axis is mounted to the bottom parallel axis using rigid aluminum extrusions, 90-degree right angle gussets, and custom extrusion end plates. The system is mounted to a flat aluminum tooling plate base. There are also provisions that allow customer cables to be routed within the cable carriers. It has end-of-travel rubber bumper stops.

Additional options include, a home positioning sensor, end-of-travel-sensors, and custom mounting holes. Single extrusion length of up to 6 m long, allows for longer stroke applications.

- Low system weight
- Built using standard extrusion profiles
- Cable carriers to route payload cables
- Two axis of coordianted motion

Multi-Axis Stage
Product Details (PDF)
Bottom Horizontal Axis (Parallel Single Rail Stages)
Motor P/N BLDM-B04
Stroke 25.67 in 652 mm
Encoder Resolution 1 micron
Force @ 100% Duty 12.4 lbs 55.6 N
Force @ 10% Duty 37.4 lbs 166.6 N
Top Horizontal Axis (Single Rail Stage)
Motor P/N BLDM-B04
Stroke 25.67 in 652 mm
Encoder Resolution 1 micron
Force @ 100% Duty 6.2 lbs 27.8 N
Force @ 10% Duty 18.7 lbs 83.3 N