image of micro-stepping-driver
The SD-03/48-125 is a cost effective, high performance, bi-polar, two phase micro-stepping drive which utilizes the pure-sinusoidal current control technique. It is best suited for driving H2W 2-phase linear stepper motors.

- Wide Power Supply Range: 20 to 50 Volts DC
- Output Current Range: 1.0 ~ 4.2A peak
- H-Bridge, 2 Phase Bi-polar Micro-stepping Drive Compatible with all H2W linear stepper motor models, STS-0213-R, STS-0620-R, STS-1220-A, STS-2030-A
- Compatible with standard rotary stepper motors used in H2W Belt & Screw Driven Linear Stages, Nema size 23 & 34
- Selectable resolutions up to 25000 steps (125 microsteps)

Manual (PDF)