image of linear servo brush type amplifier
The LCAM-5/15 Power Amplifier is a linear power amplifier designed to drive loads in current mode. The amplifier is best suited for low inductive loads such as voice coil actuators. The unit displays low noise, wide bandwidth and an offset voltage adjustable to zero. Designed to run from a single supply, the amplifier"s features include; accurate current sensing, current limiting, and thermal protection.

- High Output Current: 5A Continuous output, 15A Peak output
- Wide Power Supply Range: +24 to +70 Volts DC
- Wide Bandwidth: 6.5kHz (90 degree phase shift)
- Current Mode Operation
- Fully Protected
- Amplifier Enable Input
- Fault Indicator Output
- Status LEDs
- Adjustable DC offset voltage

LCAM 5-15
Specifications (PDF)
Installation (PDF)
Connections (PDF)
Peak Current Setting (PDF)