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Innovation in Linear Motion
H2W Technologies is a leading manufacturer of linear motors and positioning systems for precision motion control. We offer the largest selection of linear motion technology worldwide.
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We specialize in custom solutions, should you not find a standard product that meets your needs.

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Linear Motor Replacements

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Linear Motor Replacements

Company News

Linear Motor: How It Works?

A linear motor should be thought of as rotary electric motor that have been cut along a radial plane and unrolled. The resultant motor is a direct drive linear electric motor that can produce linear motion without the need of pneumatic, hydraulic cylinders, or translation of rotary to linear motion with the use of belts or screws.

Company News

Galil Closed-Loop Stepper Motor Performance Gains

H2W can integrate an optional linear encoder onto our standard single-axis linear stepper stage. When coupled with a state-of-the-art motion control electronics package provided by Galil, the 2 phase linear stepper motor operates as a closed loop 2-phase brushless linear motor.

Company News

Voice Coil Actuators vs. Solenoids: What is the difference?

The question of whether to use voice coil actuators or solenoids for small displacement motion control applications comes up often. This article explains the key differences between each product and why you might choose one over the other for your application.


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